You want to migrate off your PMS but your scared you will loose all your reservation history and possibly have to start over? Or, it's just complicated as over the years you have changed/added new room configurations that even you cant keep track of all that's happened.

Relax! You do not have to spend long hours staring at a thousand rows in an excel file.

We have built a migration tool to import all your reservations into counter

Here's what we need from you and where you can get it from cloudbeds

Reservations export excel file

  • Log into your myfrontdesk account and navigate to the reservations tab.

  • ensure that all filters are cleared and click on the export button

  • move all fields to the right column and hit the Export reservation button

  • This will generate an excel file.

note: If is too much data and it is for a long period then you will need to do it year by year.

Room Assignments excel file

  • You're probably logged in already. Head to Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Room assignments.

  • Select the date range for the entire life of the hostel or the range of date you would like to have migrated onto counter and hit apply

  • Click the "Export To" button on the top right and select excel.

  • This will download the room assignments in excel file format

Send us an email at [email protected] with these two exports.

Your reservations will be visible in counter when it's ready. We will send you a report of the import.

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