Counter is an all-in-one PMS app designed for Hostel owners and managers.

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  • Add Room types.
    It is important to set up your room types as you would on your OTA's. You can also set this from the rooms module. Read more here

  • Add a profile photo

  • Invite a team member to collaborate with. You can always add /edit / delete the team members here

  • Let us know what your current PMS, channel manager and OTA's are and we will help you Go Live in the best possible way.

Before Going Live

While waiting for your account to Go Live, here are a few steps you can take to further set up your Counter workspace account.

1. Room configuration

As we just said you can try to migrate the info from your previous PMS or you can always start from scratch . In Counter you have Room Types ( eg: Twin Room, Female Shared Dorm...) and Room Inventory ( eg: room n.1 , room n.2...) Check the following video where we explain how to do it:

In this article we give you more info about and we explain how to sell one room as different room types. (Eg: room 101 can be sold as a 4 beds dorm but a Family Room for 4 at the same time)

Note: When you open a new account in Counter you will find "sample rooms" and "fake bookings" on it. To remove those rooms you will need to delete the reservations attached. Use the Reservation Report to find them. Contact us if you were not able to delete them.

2. Rates & Restrictions

Set your rates under the Rates & Restrictions module. You can do it day by day, room by room or with the Bulk Update feature like in the following video :

From that module you can also apply Stop Sell if you do not want to sell some of your room types or to close the entire property . If you want to modify the availability by room or bed then the only option in Counter is from the Calendar: creating a new reservation or a room/bed block.

To see how to change prices, view availability, apply Stop Sell and to create new Rates Plans read that article

3. Tax Accounts

Set up your tax accounts and link them to your Room Types. This will allow the incoming reservations to automatically have the tax amount applied to them.
Read more here

4. Add-ons

Manage your add-on's to apply reservation charges. Read more here

Going Live

Pick a date and time when you would like to go live. As you know the connection with Hostelworld is Free. If you want to improve your business numbers by connecting Counter with the main OTAS and channel then you will need to upgrade to the PLUS/PRO plan. Here more info about our plans

Read more about how to initiate the integrations with the below OTA's

Data Migration

In case you were using already a PMS We have built import tools to bring in your historic data from a few select systems so you do not have to do this manually or lose all your past reservation information.

Migrating from one system to another is not an exact science. Please validate your historic data and room setup and let us know if there are any changes to be made. We will be glad to do it for you.

NOTE: After receiving your data extract and before you go live on counter any new reservations or cancellations received will need to be manually imported into counter. The reservations that have been migrated wont be updated automatically.If there is a modification or cancelation via OTA then you will need to update them manually. You can always identify them from the Reservation mask- Reservations details.

Need Help?

We want you and your team to be excited about using counter to grow your business. Our experience in the hospitality industry is what makes us the best people to bring this exciting new product to you. Please contact us via mail at [email protected]

You can also read further guided articles in our help center.

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