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The display card gives you an overview of :

  • Rate plans

  • Rates

  • Restrictions

  • Availability

Rate Plans

Counter gives you the opportunity to create different rate plans.

Some examples:

  • Standard Rate Plan (Base Rate)

  • Non-refundable Rate Plan (NRR)

  • Bed and Breakfast Rate Plan (Bnb)

  • Non-refundable Bed and Breakfast Rate plan (NRR Bnb)

You can also create different plans for each OTA . (Eg: In your web price is 100 and in B.com price will be always 10% more expensive)

The Standard Rate plan is set up by default when you create your rooms in counter.

In case you would like to set up any custom rate click in the blue button: NEW RATE PLAN . The set up is a 8 steps process. If you want to know how to do check the article. HOW TO CREATE A NEW RATE PLAN

How to set up Rates and create Restrictions?

First of all some definitions in case you are not familiar with the concepts:


Minimum length of stay - do not allow bookings lesser than this duration


Maximum length of stay - do not allow bookings longer than this duration

Closed to Arrival (CTA)

Closed to arrival. No check-ins allowed on this date
Note: Hostelworld does not support CTA restrictions

Closed to Departure (CTD)

Closed to departure. No check-outs allowed to end on this date
Note: Hostelworld does not support CTD restrictions

Stop Sell

Instantly close availability on all channels.

Note: It works by Room Type and on Rate Plan level . Eg: If you have Standard and NRR you will will need to apply on both

You can change prices and restrictions on a day and room level from this module. You just need to click on any rate and all the options will be displayed. Don't forget to hit "Publish Updates" after you make adjustments to bring the changes into effect.

Check the video to see how to edit prices and apply restrictions:

Tired of inputting each and every rate manually? If you want to do it faster and easier use the BULK UPDATE blue button.Here you can select and apply rates and restrictions for a larger date range for an entire room type or for the entire property.

Check the video to see how to use the Bulk Update:


The first row shows the availability. It is a number that cannot be changed.

Availability = Total Rooms/ Beds - Rooms/ Beds Reserved - Rooms/Beds Blocked

The only way to modify availability is with a real reason:

  • Create a Reservation

  • Create a Room Block

Check the following article: HOW TO CREATE A RESERVATION OR A ROOM BLOCK

As we already mentioned you can always apply Stop Sell but it is by Room Type not by room or bed.

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