Frontdesk is an app designed for managing your reception daily tasks: checkins/checkouts/ cash register.... This is a simple intuitive app style version of Counter PMS that requires zero training.

Check this article to walk through the steps to set up Frontdesk for the first time:

From Workspace, you can allow different reception/front office staff to gain access to Frontdesk . The Initial login for Frontdesk must be done by a Counter workspace admin or member role . They will access with their user mail and password via

Create New Frontdesk User Access

Log in to Workspace -

Navigate to Rooms → Frontdesk → Frontdesk Access

To add a new user click on "New Frontdesk User"

Input details of the user you would like to operate Frontdesk and assign them a 4-digit numerical PIN. Hit "Submit" to confirm.

The PIN is always created by the Admin for the user and just the Admin can change for them

You can crate unlimited number of users for Frontdesk

Manage Frontdesk User Access

Select the user name you would like to modify

Click on the 'edit' button

You now have the option to add and change the

  • name

  • contact information

  • mark the user active

  • reset frontdesk user access PIN and change for them

Hit "Save Changes" to confirm

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