Taxes in Counter are independent from OTA (Hostelworld,, ...) taxes . It is very important to be sure you configure well in every channel to avoid conflicts and confusions.

How to manage Taxes in Counter?

Navigate to RoomsManageTaxes

The display card gives you an overview of how many tax accounts you have setup

Add a new tax account

Open the tax module and click the + button.

1) give a Name
2) Select a tax Type from the dropdown. Your options are:

In case we do you support your specific tax type requirements please reach out to us and we can look into adding that for you.

3) Select the calculation method: Inclusive (included on the price) or Exclusive (not included) .

As we said before it is very important to configure on the same way in OTAS extranets (Booking, Expedia, Airbnb...) .

Now thanks to our partnership with Hostelworld It is possible to do it from inside Counter in Inbox 2.0 (Rooms>Manage>Channel > Tax Details

(Hostelworld,, ...)

4) Add any internal codes that might help you with accounting

Click on "Save" to confirm.

Note: when selecting "Percentage Based on Room Price", you have the option of creating price slabs

Apply Tax to Room Type

Great! Now that you have created a tax account it is ready to be applied to any room type. This will allow any new reservations to automatically calculate and apply tax amounts.

Navigate to Rooms→ Manage → Room Types

Click on the ⚙ button for the room type you wish to edit

You can then apply any of the tax accounts.

Once again, don't forget to click on click on "Save " to confirm

Tax will now be automatically calculated for all new reservations add to the system


You can link multiple tax accounts to a room type

How to manually add/delete tax amount to a reservation?

Tax amounts can also be manually applied and deleted from each guest reservation mask. Go to Summary on the right side and add or remove taxes

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