In this article, we will learn how to make changes to a guest booking.

The easiest way is using the drag&drop on the calendar. Thanks to that option we will be able to modify very fast the room, bed, arrival day, and price if needed.

After moving the booking the system will always ask you to confirm the details. You can keep original rates or set new ones.

The other option will be from the reservation mask. In the following video, you can see how to change check-in/check-out date, change room, edit rate, add/delete a guest or a room


Sometimes a guest has to move from one room to another due to availability or just because a guest decides to change. It is possible by editing the reservation from the reservation mask. In the calendar will be displayed as independent bookings but if you open it you will see they are the same.


Counter's intelligent bed allocation system automatically suggests the best possible options.

In case you would like to manually assign a specific room you can toggle over to Manual and customize the reservations

Manual options available

  • assign bed/room for individual dates or for the entire stay

  • apply rates for individual dates or for the entire stay

How to lock a reservation?

When a new reservation enters the calendar confirmed (but not in-house or check-in guests) future bookings are moved around to find the best allocation possible for all bookings

In case you need to lock a reservation to a specific room or bed based on a guest request or for any reason, in particular, then it's possible to lock this reservation to avoid it from being automatically shifted. Just click on the padlock icon on the down-left corner. Then the Reservation in the calendar will have a lock symbol displayed on the booking

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