Why Email Automation?

As a hostel owner/manager , you already know the power of communication with your guests. However, a day in a hostel is unpredictable and sometimes we forget to hit that send button (one beer too many?)

Email automation takes repetitive tasks off your to-do list to free up your time for more important things, such as interacting with your guests. It can help your guests learn more about your hostel, encourage them to keep coming back or remind them of why they visited you in the first place.

Personalize your guest experience by creating a series of automated emails to help grow your relationship.

How does it work?

Email automation is a powerful tool that lets you send the right message to the right person at the right time. The use of predefined rules (based on time and action) to trigger email templates. Some examples include a welcome email that sends when a new reservation is received in counter, or a quick thank you and a reminder post check out to leave you a review.

Now let's walk through how to create/edit an email template and set automatic triggers so we don't leave important communication up to chance!


Click the (+) button on the left corner to Create a new template. Give the template a name that will be displayed internally for easy selection in the guest mask.

If you want to edit , activate or deactivate an existing email template just click on the Email Template name.

Check the video to see the easy process:

As you saw in the video you have the following options when creating a template

  1. Subject - lets you decide the email subject line

  2. Sender Name - this will be the name of the email sender (either property or person)

  3. Sender Email - your email will appear to be sent from this mail address

  4. Trigger - select either a manual trigger or an automated trigger for when the email should be sent (time and action)

  5. Room Type - you can apply this to a specific room types

  6. Booking Source - apply this to specific booking sources

  7. Template Restrictions - apply restrictions to specific reservation based on a tag. Eg. You want to send an email 2 days after the checkout asking for a quick thank you and a reminder to leave you a review. If you already know there is a guest that is not going that happy ...why to ask for a review? :) then you can create a tag "DNA (dont ask) to avoid that.

  8. Invoice - attach an invoice to your email template (final invoice is only generated on guest checkout)

  9. Edit Mode - Change between simple and advanced mode. The Advanced mode allows inserting HTML email code to send custom designed emails. Later on this article we will give you some tricks to create a cool template with Mailchimp

  10. Email Body - you can prepare your email in the dialogue box and even apply custom Tags to give your email a personal touch.

Click → Save Changes when finished.

How to manually send an email template?

You can also manually send pre-defined email templates from the Guest Reservation Mask.

How can I send beautifully designed HTML emails?

Sometimes a more simple message looks more personal and It has more impact than an elaborated ones. But an Email sent from your property represents who you are. So why not send a beautifully designed email template;)

Mailchimp allows you to design and import email templates (even on their free version) so you do not have to learn a new language! This way you can visually create and download an HTML template which you just need to input into counter.

To create an HTML template, start by creating a new template under the Email Template module.

Click on Edit

Select the advanced edit mode

In the text editor input your HTML code. You can use the custom tags to further personalize your email with reservation information if needed.

If After Setting Up your Email templates your guest report that they are not receiving it. There are 2 scenarios here: they are going to their Spam Folder or
You have your own domain and It is configured to not allow others to send mails on your name. Please check the following article to help you with that

Automate Emails not arriving to your Guest

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