Frontdesk is an app designed for managing your reception and cash register. This is a simple intuitive app style version of Counter PMS that requires zero training. Here more details about what can you do with it and who is Frontdesk made for?

Let's walk through the steps to set up Frontdesk.

1) Log into your workspace account

Navigate to Rooms > Frontdesk > Click the Setup button

It is a 4 steps process as is shown in the following video:

Step 1 - Cash Register

Here you can set up your property cash registers.

This can be also managed or deactivated later from the Cash register module. Read more about Cash Register here.

Step 2 - Staff Access

Add new staff members from inside Workspace using the + button. You have unlimited members

  • input staff member name

  • upload a user profile

  • assign them a role

  • assign them a 4-digit access PIN code

  • click Save after each team member

You can also add new users and manage them later. Read more about frontdesk access here. Important: the 4-digit PIN is created by you and you can always reset them.

Step 3 - Cash Accounts

Here you can set up your cash accounts that can be handled from the reception.

Add new accounts to suit your requirement. This can also be modified later at any stage from Workspace.

Cash accounts allow you to log transactions made from the register that are not related to a reservation or guest. This makes it easier to do cash audits for reception shifts and also to help with accounting later.

Read more about Cash Accounts

Step 4 - Upsell

Select items you intend to sell from your hostel or reception desk or that you need to add to a guest reservation tab.

You can also manage these from the Add-ons module later. Read more here

Once you have gone through the 4 Step wizard you can Launch Frontdesk

Every time you want to have your Staff using Frontdesk app in a new device (computer, tablet, phone...) you need to login first with your Counter User Email and Password. Once it is done they will be able to start using with their 4 digit Pin code.

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