Counter Booking Engine

Remember the days when backpackers would get off a bus and walk down a street looking for a place to stay?

Internet technology has changed the way we travel and the backpacker now looks online to find a place that best fits their needs.

OTA’s facilitate in narrowing down the ideal place for the night. However, most new-age travelers would still like to make a choice. They research by comparing prices online, read reviews, and research property websites.

Conscious travelers are fully aware of the commission collected by OTA’s and prefer to support local business by booking directly. Investing in a booking engine is like adding a shopping cart to your website. Every direct booking made via your website translates to more money in the pocket

This is where the booking engine comes in very handy.

Steps to set up your booking engine

  1. Switch on your booking engine. Hostel > Automate > Booking Engine > On

  2. Input a unique "code" for your booking engine URL link. It can be the name of yiur hostel:

    eg: myhostel

    it will generate a URL link:

    Now you will be able to use that link:

    -in your web linking with the "book now " button
    -in your social media (instagram Bio, Facebook page, )
    -...send it via email / WhatsApp / message to let a guest booking there directly

  3. Input your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel ID numbers (optional)

  4. Decide if you want to Collect Customer Card Information and chargue or not to complete the booking. (ask us if you want more info about Automate Payment collection )

  5. Click Save

How to activate booking engine

Which info will be displayed on my Booking Engine?

-the picture that you update on Room Type level :
-the Rate Plan that you have marked as visible on Booking engine

do not forget to offer always the best prices and conditions on that rate plan! It is a commission-free booking engine! :)

Key features of the Counter Booking Engine:

Mobile friendly

  • Travelers are mobile and book while on the move

Payment collections

  • Secure Zero commission payment collection via our payments partner - Stripe

Easy and simple wizard-style

  • Beautifully designed flow to allow a painless self-service booking experience

Fast loading

  • Optimized to load quickly. Very handy when travelers are booking on the road with dodgy internet

Syncs directly with PMS (Counter)

  • Move away from Pen+Paper/Excel. Live inventory and instantaneous confirmation on booking.

Language and currency options

  • Give your travelers the regional option they are comfortable with

Data collection and site analytics integration

  • Find out who is interested in your property and how many actually book a stay with you


  • Offer more than beds...Sell experiences, tours, dinners, and much more directly on your web!

These are some of the features and improvements we are building - a new version will be ready after September 2021

Counter Roadmap - let us know which features you would prefer and we will prioritize them based on the hostel community demand.

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