Counter is a free PMS to manage hostels and what is that without a direct connection to Hostelworld! :) You will be able to update prices and availability, check reviews, setup promos, edit descriptions, and much more! And it is part of our Free plan!
If you want to connect with other OTAS (Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, Agoda,...) please upgrade to Plus or Pro Plans (more info here)

How to connect to your Hostelworld Inbox account from Counter workspace ?

Step 1 - Hostelworld Inbox Account

Before initiating the connection with Hostelworld please ensure you have your rooms and rate plans created (and active!) in your Hostelworld Inbox account to be able to complete the channel mapping in Counter. Read more about it here on how to create rooms in Hostelworld Inbox. If you have any doubts related to Hostelworld please contact their support: [email protected].

Currency in OTA and Counter needs to be the same. Be sure you setup correctly before requesting the connection. If that is not possible then you will need to create a specific Rate Plan for it and setup the Multi-Currency feature.

IMPORTANT: Hostelworld is migrating many properties from Inbox to Inbox 2.0 (by COUNTER). If you were selected as one of them when logging in to, you will be re-directed to Counter/Inbox migration funnel. That is an easy 5 Step process. After that your room configuration, your rates and your availability will be migrated to Counter. You will not able to access anymore to the Inbox previous version.

Please click here to have more info about the Auto Migration process! With pictures and videos!

If you are not part of that "auto" migration please continue with the next steps.

Step 2 - Input your HW Property ID

Please go to your channels module and input your Hostelworld property ID number to initiate the connection.

Rooms> Channels> Hostelworld Setup

Only after that, we will contact you via mail to continue with the process. If it doesn't happen quickly enough, please email us with your Hostelworld ID to [email protected].

Step 3 - Channel Mapping

As soon as you verify the connection to your property, please complete your channel mapping. In bold you have the Room Type name in Counter and in white letters the Room Type name in Hostelworld.

You need to activate each room and link them with the Hostelworld room type. They will change from grey to green. After that, you will need to map the Rate Plans too.

If you can't find the Room Type or the Rate correspondence it means there is a mismatching between Counter and that OTA.

It is not a problem when you have a Room Type (Or Rate Plan ) that is in Counter but not in Hostelworld. Reservation conflicts and overbooking issues appear when:

a) there is a Room Type created on Hostelworld that is not on Counter.

To solve that, you can either create it on Counter or remove it from Hostelworld .

b) there is a Rate Plan that is in Hostelworld but not in Counter.

To solve that, you can either create the Rate Plan on Counter or remove it from Hostelworld.

c) the Room Type or the Occupancy Setup in Hostelworld is different from Counter

It is not possible to edit the Room Type or the number of guests. So to solve that issue please remove the Room Type and create again with the correct information (Private or Shared and Guests Per Room).

Note: If this sounds too complicated or you have any doubt during the process, please send us an email or start a conversation from the in-app messenger and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

4.Update Rates To Release Availability

As soon as you are connected with Hostelworld, Rates and Availability will be managed from Counter. It is very important to have them updated.

Go to your Rates&Restrictions module to set rates and to confirm availability.

Our advice is to have the same Rate Plans (eg: Standard, NRR...) on Counter and on Hostelworld. It will allow you to have more control.

Read more about how to set individual rates and restrictions, or how to Bulk Update, here.

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