Counter workspace allows you to invite and add team members. Working and collaborating as a team is part of running a successful business.

You can track activity, assign responsibility, and allow or restrict module privileges for workspace team member roles.

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What are the different permission levels in Counter Workspace?

First of all, it is important to define the roles:

Admin - User has full access to all features in Counter Workspace .

Member - User has access to reservations and calendar. Permissions can be set by Admin roles to allow custom module access.

Note: Member role is just available for PLUS/PRO accounts. If you are using Counter free version all your users are Admin so they have acceess to all the features, info and reports.

Each Admin or Member can generate their own FrontDesk access PIN. They can also give PIN access to Frontdesk staff without giving access to Workspace. Read more here

How to Add or invite a team member?

Only Admins are allowed to invite new members to an account.

go to TEAM>MEMBER > INVITE A TEAM MEMBER and you will be able to send the invitation to your teammate.

Check the video :

The new team member will need to accept the invitation via email by clicking on "Join your team ". Ask them to check the Spam, sometimes the invitation arrived there.

After that, they will just need to create a password and they are ready to login.

How to set/edit custom user permissions?

Once your team member is added to the workspace you can then give them custom permissions based on their need. It just available for Plus/Pro plan. Permissions can only be changed by an admin user.

You can set custom permissions in a couple of ways: from Member tabs and within each module by clicking on the users profile pics.

Check the video to see both options:

How to remove a user from an account?

As you have seen in the previous video to remove a user from an account you can do this as an admin user of any account.

  • Go to the team module to and members section

  • Click on permissions next to the name of the team member

  • Click 'Remove'

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