Goki provides technology solutions exclusively to the hostel market, enabling guests to check-in and download their keys prior to arrival.

During their stay, guests can meet other people staying at the same time, see what's on at the hostel & book local experiences

How can I integrate Goki with counter?

Step 1 - generate server API token key from your Goki account

Log in to your Goki Account > Settings > Marketplace > Counter

Enable your counter integration and copy the Token Key. You will need this in Step 2

At any point, if you rotate your token key you will need to update the same in counter.

Goki integration with counter.app PMS

Step 2 - input Goki server API key in your counter workspace account

Hostel > Automation > Goki > Input Goki API Token key > Add

In case you generate a new token key from within your Goki dashboard you will need to update counter as well.

Goki integration with counter.app PMS

Step 3 - map counter room types with Goki

You can then add and delete room mapping between your counter and Goki.

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