It’s 2022 and technology is literally all around us. Yet there are still some who hesitate when phrases like “the cloud” and “automation” come up in conversation. Particularly when it comes to money.

Hostels hate no-shows and can cost you a lot of money if you have not validated the credit cards in advance with a pre-authorization. You will also find that a large percentage of no-shows have cards that don’t work... go figure???

It can be very time-consuming if you have to process payments manually and to create/send emails and phone calls in order to chase after guests.

Some hostels do not get easy access to all the credit card information and need to login into their OTA to see the CVC number,

(Did you know delete the numbers after 10 days?)

What can the Payments module do for you?

This is by far the most common and also a major revenue loser, we have some simple solutions to fight this:

  1. Auto Charge NRR and No shows
    You can change your policy so that all bookings must pay in advance for 1 or more nights. This may cost you some business but less stress from the no shows!

  2. Failure reporting
    If payment collection fails we send an email with the details to notify that the card is not authorized and action needs to be taken. We can even also send a payment link so the guest can just pay the amount online on their mobile or desktop!

  3. Pre-authorize cards
    This means you can hold the funds of the card for 7 days before, so you have a few days to fix any issues and resell the room if possible. You can set your custom values based on booking amount, group size, or stay duration.

When integrated, payment information automatically populates in your PMS, which significantly reduces the risk of information being copied incorrectly or being lost or stolen due to just plain human error.

It will also help you reduce your PCI scope. Integration payment screens reduce the exposure of sensitive payment information.

Benefits of Automated Payment collection

Your Staff Spends Less Time Processing Payments

You Collect More Payments That Would Get Lost

You Can Make Payment Handling Secure And Less Risky

You Have More Time To Make Your Guests Happier 😁

What Next?

Please email us to help you upgrade. We are handling upgrades manually until we figure out the best way forward [email protected]

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