Connect your Counter account with your account is a 2 steps simple and easy process.

Once you request the connection everything related to rates and availability will be managed via Counter and not anymore via OTA extranet. Be sure you have your availability updated on Counter calendar before you request the connection.

Step 1 - Requesting connection via extranet

  1. Log into your extranet account.

  2. Click the "Account" icon in the top right-hand corner of your extranet account and choose the “Connectivity provider" from the drop-down menu.

  3. Then, click on “Search” and enter '' in the search bar.

    Note: If you are currently connected to a channel manager, please disconnect the old connection before adding a new connection

  4. Click Next and accept the XML service agreement to request a connection.

  5. Go to your Counter account BEDS>CHANNEL BETA > BOOKING introduce your Booking ID and continue with the mapping

Complete the Room Type and Rate Plan mapping. No worries because you can always edit and update that mapping BEDS>CHANNEL BETA > BOOKING>MAPPING

In bold you have the Room Type name and the ID in Booking and you will need to choose the correct Room Type in Counter (in grey) . Once they are mapped they will be marked in Green

After that, you will see a yellow alert sign. It means you need to map the Rate Plans too. Once it is done the prices that Counter is sending are the correct ones.

If you can not find the Room Type or the Rate correspondence it means there is a mismatching. Counter VS OTA

It is not a problem when you have a Room Type (Or Rate Plan ) that is in Counter but not in OTA. The conflicts and Overbooking issues appear when:
-there is a Room Type (or rate Plan) created in the OTA that is not in Counter.
-the Max Occupancy Setup for a Room Type in the OTA is different from Counter

Please Go to your OTA extranet to configure that properly.

If this sounds overly complicated or you have any doubt during the process, please send us an email and we will be happy to guide you through the process.


Currency in OTA and Counter needs to be the same. Be sure you set up correctly before requesting the connection. If that is not possible then you will need to create a specific Rate Plan for it and setup the Multi-Currency feature

Update your Rates To Release Availability

It is very important to have your rates and availability updated. If No rates in Counter it can create mismatching in prices and availability

Go to your Rates&Restrictions module to set rates and confirm availability.

Our advice is to have the same Rate Plans (eg: Standard, NRR...) in Counter and Booking. It will give you the opportunity to have more control from inside of your PMS. You can also create specif rates for each channel and try to offer the best prices on your web to promote the direct booking ( commission-free! ) .

Be aware that there are special promos and restrictions that can be set just from the extranet and won't be visible via Counter. And other special discounts that some OTAS apply to their customers. If you find any mismatches that could be the reason.

To connect with you need to be part of our PLUS/PRO plan.

You can upgrade directly from your account. Please let us know if you need help to do it via email

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