We have a certified direct integration with myallocator. Our integration is also able to retrieve all your current, future, and the past 6 months of historic booking data.

Here's how you can authorize counter and generate the token key.

Step 1 - Generate myallocator token key

  1. Login to https://inbox.myallocator.com/en/

  2. Click Manage

  3. Click PMS Connections

  4. In the Drop-down, select 'Counter PMS'

  5. Click Add

  6. Copy the Token generated

NOTE: Please disable any other connected PMS. This could cause sync issues with reservations.

Step 2 - Map myallocator with counter

Input your myallocator token and Credit Card viewing password in counter.

- Log into workspace.counter.app

- Go to Rooms > Manage > Channels

- Click the setup button next the myAllocator to submit your token key from Step 1

- Input your Credit Card view password. In case you are interested in learning more about the power or payment automation inside counter please reach out to us.

- Room type mapping to be carried out next. Please complete the mapping to release availability online

Step 3 - Set your Rates to go live on myAllocator

Once your myAllocator account is mapped with counter you will need to set your rates to release availability.

Go to Rates and Restrictions and set individually by room type, day by day...or faster using the Bulk Update button. Read more about here

How do myallocator and counter communicate?

1. Rates and Restrictions - Go to Rooms > Manage > Rates and Restrictions

From here you will be able to set not just the Rates but restrictions (MinLOS, MaxLOS, CTA, CTD, and Stop Sell) .

2. Modifications and cancellations - When a booking is created/modified or canceled from the OTA channel, it gets sent to myallocator and myallocator then forwards it to counter.

3. Credit card information - Enter your myAllocator cc viewing password here to directly charge and manage myAllocator cards in counter.

We have an automated payment collection feature via our PCI compliant partners (Stripe) so that you do not have to do this manually.

Go to Rooms > Automate > Payments module to setup. Read more here

💡 Note

Once the connection is established, it is not recommended to make any changes to rates and availability from your myallocator account.

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