Connecting counter to Expedia is a 2 stage process. Follow the steps to carry out the request for connection.

Step 1 - Requesting connection via Expedia partner central

  1. Log into your Expedia partner central account.

  2. Navigate to Rooms and rates > Connectivity settings. Typically Expedia will require 2-factor authentication to access this page

  3. Click Edit and search for "Channex" in the search bar as your provider for both options of Connectivity and bookings. You will need to disconnect from any previous providers if you haven't already.

  4. Hit "Save and continue" and "Confirm" to complete the integration.

connect and integrate expedia with counter

Step 2 - Mapping Rooms, Rates, Going Live Online

Complete your channel mapping with your room setup on your Expedia Extranet account. In bold you have the Room Type name in Counter and in white letters the Room Type name in Expedia. The rooms ID numbers always help

You need to activate each room and link them with the Hostelworld room type. They will change from grey to green. After that, you will need to map the Rate Plans too.

If you can not find the Room Type or the Rate correspondence it means you need to activate/create them on your Expedia Extranet. Go to your account to configure that properly. Same with rates plans.

That’s it! These are the steps required to connect to Expedia

If this sounds overly complicated with the 2-pronged approach, send us an email or start a conversation from the in-app messenger and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

IMPORTANT - Update Rates To Release Availability

It is very important to have your Rates and Availability updated.

Go to your Rates&Restrictions module to set rates and to confirm availability.

Our advice is to have the same Rate Plans (eg: Standard, NRR...) in Counter and Expedia. It will give you the opportunity to have more control from inside of your PMS. You can also create specif rates for each channel and try to offer the best prices on your web to promote the direct booking ( commission-free! ) .

Be aware that there are special promos and restrictions that can be set just from the extranet and won't be visible via Counter. And other special discounts that some OTAS apply to their customers. If you find any mismatches that could be the reason.

To connect with Expedia you need to be part of our PLUS/PRO plan.

You can upgrade directly from your account. Please let us know if you need help to do it via email or our internal chat app.

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