The calendar is the best place to make changes to availability on a bed or room level.

This can be done by either adding a new reservation to reduce the availability or by adding a room block.

How to apply a room bock?

1. Go to the calendar module. Rooms>Calendar

2. Click on the ⌀ icon at the top left corner of the calendar to access the Room Block module.

3. There you will be able to select the Room, you can block the entire room or just a bed in the dorm. Choose the dates range, the reason (source) for the block and save it.

How to add a new reservation?

1.Go to the calendar module. Rooms>Calendar

2.Click on the big blue ( + ) button next to the search console to open access to the New Booking wizard.

3. Follow the steps to add a new booking to the calendar.

How to close availability?

In order to close availability for a specific room or the entire property, very quickly, you can always apply a stop sell from the Rates & Restrictions module.

Rooms> Rates&Restrictions > Apply Stop Sell

You can apply Stop Sell on a day-by-day and room-by-room basis.

Using the bulk update you can also select multiple Room types and apply changes for a larger data range.

The Stop Sell restriction works on a Rate Plan level. If you want to close availability for a specific OTA you can always create different rate plans for each of them.

Read more in the article about Rates & Restrictions

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