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How do I add/create a new experience?

You can create and add experiences from within counter workspace and your Hostelworld Inbox account

Step 1

Via counter workspace
Log in to your counter workspace account - https://workspace.counter.app/

Via Hostelworld Inbox

Log in to your Hostelworld inbox account - https://inbox.hostelworld.com/
Go to the Experiences tab and log into experiences by counter.
Log into your counter workspace account

Step 2

Go to Experiences > Manage > Add Experience

Enter your experience details and click "Next" to save details at each stage. If you close or exit you can always

On the final step click "Save and Publish"

Here are some key points to keep in mind

Experience - broadly categorize each experience as a separate product

Variation - differentiate your experience by grades. Here are some examples

  • beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels

  • language or a theme

  • by session time and hosts

Host - Person organizing the activity. In-house staff, External Host, or a Third-party Provider.

Participant - In house (search your PMS reservations) or External guest

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