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Here you have a monthly list of activities that are split by date on the left column. To add a participant for an experience you can go through the following flow.

  • Select the date you wish to make a reservation

  • Select the experience (you should see the number of slots available here)

  • Click Add participant

This will open the wizard for inputting participant information in order to book a spot.

Where are my bookings coming from?

While adding a participant you have the option to add a booking source. This is great for knowing where your thank-you's lie and who are not bringing much business.

some of the usual suspects

  • walk-in guests

  • phone bookings

  • email bookings

And of course, in case you have a regular stream coming in from any other source you can add your own custom booking source as well.

Who can book an experience?

  • In-house guests

    You have to option to search for an in-house guest and reserve a slot. Benefits? you have a better overview of your guest. Not to mention adding to their room tab or collecting payments by charging their card based on PMS reservation

  • External guests

    Some of your experiences might just be so attractive, that you get external guests. Here you can add them to the system by creating a new customer profile.

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