Frontdesk is a PMS-as-an-App that will simplify your front desk processes allowing your staff to focus on creating unforgettable experiences. We can describe as a simple version of our PMS.

What can I do with my Frontdesk app?

  • Maintain a POS style cash register

  • Generate cash audit report for shift staff

  • Search and manage guests

  • Overview and manage your rooms/beds

  • Generate printable reports for reception

  • Quick single button lock and easy 4 digit PIN access

  • Log cash in/out transactions not related to a booking reservation

Who is Frontdesk app made for?

  • Reception Staff, short term staff, night security shift, or volunteers that do not need access to workspace

  • Need to use a POS style cash register

  • Overview of bed/room status for housekeeping

How do I log into Frontdesk?

  • You need to first set up your Frontdesk access from Workspace. Read more here

  • Once is configured, you will need Log in to from any device browser using your workspace email and password Only workspace user (admin or member) can log in here.

  • Now that is "launched" any Frontdesk user with a 4-digit PIN can enter. Users and their PIN codes are configured by Admin members from Workspace. They can always reset the codes if needed

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