Counter PMS is able to integrate with only one Airbnb login account for each property. In case you would like to sync with Airbnb all your listings will need to be on one user profile and create one list per room type.

Follow the next 3 steps to connect:

1) In order for Counter to integrate with Airbnb you will need to first disconnect from any other connected channel manager or PMS and contact us to connect with Counter.

2) Then we will send you a link to accept the connection.

3) Once you accept and the connection is established with Airbnb we will be ready to map your listings with your counter room inventory.

Please let us know which room types in counter should be mapped to each of your Airbnb listings and which rate plan from Counter you want to use for Airbnb

Changes to Mapping

You will be able to check the mapping in Counter from the channel module
Incase case you need to make any changes to your Room type setup or listing please send us an email to check your Airbnb connection.

Managing your Rates and Restrictions

Read more here on how to set your rates and availability

Airbnb has strict restrictions on minimum prices and your base rate will need to be set higher than this amount.

IMPORTANT: The price set in a dorm listing will be the bed price for the first bed and the “price per additional guest” will have to also be set for the bed price for any additional guest after the first. To date in AIRBNB , this “additional price per person” is not adjustable by date or season so in many cases having accurate pricing for reservations of more than one person is not possible yet .

Airbnb integration is part of our paid plan. Please visit our website to see all the features available or start a conversation with us to know more.

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