Many properties have been making changes to their rooms for changes in seasons or room upgrades based on demand.

The pandemic has now forced this onto hostels to improvise by converting shared dorms into private rooms.

Correctly creating Room Types is one of the most important setup phases for your property. This directly impacts your inventory and availability on your channels.

Let's look into how to take advantage of the advanced room configuration settings in Counter.

Rooms>Manage > Room Inventory

Next to each room name you have the SetUp icon If you click on you have the 5 steps process. (Check SET UP ROOMS AND ROOM INVENTORY for more info)

The step 4 is the Multi-Inventory

1) Activate

2) Select:

a) No Overlapping dates

b) Allow Overlapping dates

3) Add/Edit date range

4) Do not forget to Save it!

Now we will explain the 2 options

a) No Overlapping dates

Converting a room from one room type to another. In the image below Room 102 is set as Private Double room until the 31/12/2021 and then switches to a 4 Bed Female dorm from the 1/1/2022 onwards. Once you have set up advanced room settings the calendar will display the room under both room types. The room will appear greyed out and will only be bookable based on dates set under the advance room configuration settings.

Check how it will display on the calendar:

b) Allowing Overlapping dates

Selling your room as multiple Room Types online. This is a great way to inflate your inventory and give multiple bookable options.

The same room can be a 4 beds shared dorm and a private quadruple for a familly or group of friends. Depending on the demand a couple or even a solo traveller can book the entire room if we offer it as double private or single room.

As it is said on the grey chart here is a possibility of an overbooking scenario for group bookings being made under the same reservation via a connected channel. This is a risk that needs to be evaluated

We will understand better with a real example. Room 104 is a 4 Beds Dorm and a Quadruple Family Room.

In case there is a booking received in a room with shared inventory settings the room will be automatically greyed out in the calendar and will not be bookable for the other room types linked. In the image below Room 104 is set as Quadruple Family Room and 4 Bed Male Dorm. When a booking received in the Dorm the system applies a block in the Quadruple automatically closing availability.

As we said there is a possibility of an overbooking scenario. Imagine a group of 5 guests booking in the same reservation one bed in the 4 beds male dorm and the quadruple room. Both are same room 104 . The system just creates the block after finishing the reservation so in that case the overbooking ( check here how to identify) is created before that. This is a risk that needs to be evaluated.

Please write to us if you need any assistance with the Multi-Inventory. It is very important to have all the room types in Counter and OTAS.

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