This report is specially designed for the Colombian reporting system.

Things you can do with this report:

  • Automatically populate mandatory guest information and codes

  • View and update guest details easily

Please input your hotel and city code under the property account settings to display this in the report automatically.

All other guest information can be updated under the guest reservation mask.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or feedback

Where can I find the Colombia Migracion report?

Go to Rooms > Reports > Colombia to access this report.

The report display guest by date. You can click on each guest to open the reservation mask and update with any information directly from the report is self.

The report is downloadable as a CSV or PDF file

colombia report

How to input your Hotel and City code?

Go to your account settings select the MigraciĆ³n tab.

Here you can input your Hotel and city codes

  • Codigo del Hotel

  • Codigo de Ciudad

account settings hotel and city code

Where do I input guest information?

From the calendar, open a reservation and go to the Guests tab.

Here you can input additional guest information that is useful for generating the MigraciĆ³n Report.

  • Guest Name

  • Nationality

  • Date of Birth

  • Document Type

  • Document Number

  • Previous destination

  • Next Destination

Guest information

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