Counter gives you the opportunity to create different rate plans.

Some examples:

  • Standard Rate Plan (Base Rate)

  • Non-refundable Rate Plan (NRR)

  • Bed and Breakfast Rate Plan (Bnb)

  • Non-refundable Bed and Breakfast Rate plan (NRR Bnb)

You can also create different plans for each OTA .On your web the price is 100 and in price will be always 10% more expensive. You can create a Rate Plan for your web " WEB RATE" and then a derived for your OTA called "B.COM RATE"

The Standard Rate plan is set up by default when you create your rooms on Counter.

In case you would like to set up any custom rate click in the blue button: NEW RATE PLAN . The setup is an eight steps process. Check the following video:

How to create a new Rate Plan ?

Now we are going to describe all the steps in more details :

Basic Information

Here we need to add your name and the public name. This will be just available on the Booking Engine if the Rate Plan is linked to it. The private name will be just visible inside of your Counter workspace account

Room Types

You can create a different special Rate Plan for each room type. Eg. Bed& Breakfast is just available for private rooms.


The best scenario will be to have your PMS and the OTA configured on the same currency but this is not always happening. We know that this is not always possible. Some OTAS do not accept some of the local currencies. Counter gives you the opportunity to operate your PMS with a different currency. You need to create a New Rate Plan . Choose the Currency and the Conversion Rate.

We have two options:

-Stand Alone Rates

-Derived Rates: Let counter generate the prices from another rate plan. You can choose a % or a fixed amount to create the new rate.


*NRR = Standard -10%

* Rate Plan= Standard + 15%

Length of Stay

Minimum length of stay applicable to the entire rate plan. You can always edit.

Useful for setting up special weekly and monthly rates for your property. Supported on all Counter interfaces (workspace, frontdesk, booking engine) and on some OTAS like


Select a cancellation policy for this rate plan

-Not Refundable: 100% will be always charged.

-Refundable: Define how many days (duration) in advance the guest needs to cancel to not be charged. And how much they will be charged if they do it later.

It is important to explain the Conditions and be clear with guests .

Note: Those cancelation policy and conditions are going to be visible to guests on Booking Engine. If the Rate Plan is just for OTAs (HW, Booking, Expedia, Airbnb...) the conditions will be just visible for the property staff. You will need to make them clear on the OTA extranets.


Choose where this rate plan can be booked within Counter:

Workspace, Frontdesk or the Booking Engine ...Or everywhere!

If it is a Rate Plan just available via OTA, do not mark any of them

Room Type Linkage

First of all , attach some room types to the rate plan. Then you will be able to create links between room types to enable counter to automatically calculate rates.

Check the following picture as an example. The 6 beds dorm will be 10% more expensive than the 4 beds dorm. It means you just need to update prices for the 4 beds dorm, the other one will be calculated automatically. You can always choose to keep room rates independent (by clicking on the blue sentence ) if you do not want room-type links for the rate plan.

How to map the Rate Plan with the OTA?

We always advise creating the same Rate Plans in Counter and the OTA so you can map each of them. If 2 rates plan on the OTA ( Standard and the NRR) and just one in Counter (Standard) then the restrictions that you apply from Counter won't be apply correctly on the OTA.

To map the Rate Plans with Hostelworld , Booking, Expedia and Agoda you can do it directly from the channel module .

As you know as part of the Counter Free Plan you can connect directly with Hostelworld ( Here an article ) If you want to connect with more channels you will need to upgrade to the Plus/Pro Plan and then follow the instructions for each one:







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